Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Lost ....But i was the real winner.

If you have been following this little blog than you know there are some entries no longer here. I decided to delete them and start fresh, not over, just fresh. I figured a couple things out and that has helped me come back here and write once again. I know I said I wouldn’t, but to be honest I have missed it.

Last night was family dinner and game night, now I have not been home long thus I have not been apart of that many. The first few I attended were very strange to me. But my family being who they are {the greatest one ever} they made sure to include me and one person above all others went the extra mile for me. To that person I say thank you.

But last night was a little different I brought a friend with me and had the best time ever, not because I brought this friend. No that’s not true it was because I brought this friend but it was also because of who my family is to allow me to bring her they made this person feel very comfortable and that meant a lot to me. I can only hope there will be more nights like last night. Even though I lost the game { damn Pictionary Man} it was the best loss every because of the two people on my team.

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  1. Hey, just found your blog... So I missed reading the blogs that you apparently deleted, but I suppose there is a reason you deleted them, so.. I guess I'm all caught up.. Except I will definitely drag you out to a bar when I get down there... I wish I was closer so we could hang out more! And I know how much you like Pictionary Man.. ha..

    But I know how awesome the family is as a whole, and of course, your immediate family.. I'm sure that helps having them close by.